February 2016 Update

This month I would like to discuss the research into presentiments and premonitions. What is presentiment? Presentiment has been studied as a nervous system reaction to an impending event. A premonition is just the thought that something will occur. I began to explore this area after reading an article stating that the number of people who flew in the four airplanes hijacked on 9-11 was far fewer than would have been expected on that day. Was it some sort of sensation of warning?

In his book “The Power of Premonitions” Larry Dossey M.D. discusses the fact that warning premonitions have been reported throughout the ages. He provides multiple examples in his book. One such example is a mother who puts her young child asleep in its room, and then goes to bed in her room. Later that night she is awakened by the “feeling” that the chandelier in the child’s room is falling on her child. She had not seen anything wrong with the chandelier earlier. The “feeling” is so strong that she takes the child into her bed. Later that night the chandelier does fall . Dossey’s book is full of such premonitions.

Studies of presentiment are found in Dean Radin’s book “The Unconscious Universe.” One study revolved around subjects being shown pictures of “calm” and “emotional” pictures while wired up to record physiological arousal. What was found was that a few seconds before the picture (randomly presented) was shown there was an increase in physiological arousal. There was found much greater arousal when the emotionally charged photo was to be shown then the calm photo. The experiment was replicated several times and  in multiple country’s. The findings were confirmed. How did the subjects nervous system Know? Presentiment is an ongoing area of research at the Institute of Noetic Science.

These finding intrigued me. I thought back to the educational part of this blog. Scientists and philosophers appear to agree that the arrow of time could point in either direction. What they seem to be saying is that the past, present and future are one, and our differentiating them is but an illusion. If this is the case then people like Edgar Cayce pulling information from the Akashic Record could explain the findings from research into presentiments and the numerous subjective reports of premonitions that come true and even save lives.

I always go back to the fact that if we do not truly understand what energy is then who are we to truly doubt possibilities.




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I wish to thank all those who have commented, as well as friends who have made recommendations. Now that I am 95% retired I will be writing updates every month or two. During the updates I will discuss the latest research into mediums, prayer,  NDE’s and OBE’s etc. I look forward to your comments, and would appreciate hearing of research I may be unaware of.



Writing this educational blog , and the comments I received, gave me the motivation to write. I am near the completion of a manuscript detailing, among other things, why I believe the new paradigm of science supports immortality of consciousness and I believe the soul as well. Too many of the people I know doubt a creator because they believe science backs this. My next step will be to investigate the publication process and how to advertise the book on the web.

Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Now that you have read my educational blog you can see how my eyes have been opened to a whole new reality. A whole new way of looking at the world. This is not the time for us to sit back and just accept the past, but rather to embrace change and move forward.

A few month ago I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy (asphealing.org). This is an association based in Manhattan that holds meetings where presentations are given by individuals on the cusp of this change. We are now planning our next big meeting which will be held later this year. Eben Alexander, the neurosurgeon who wrote “Proof of Heaven” as well as others are being considered. I will give more information once plans are finalized this summer.


Society has become much too materialistic and cynical. Organized religions and spirituality are on the wane as a result. My hope, in writing this blog, is to change this. What most people don’t realize is that the new paradigm of physics has shattered everything we once believed about reality and is consistent with the immortality of consciousness and the soul. Allow me to now briefly summarize the new science.

When Einstein showed us that matter and energy are one and the same the world changed. As the heat energy of the big bang began to cool matter came into existence.

Since all matter has the same beginning all matter is “entangled to some degree” and can have an effect on all other matter. When science had the technology to study the parts of the atom the world turned upside down even further.  All particles of matter  were found to have a dual nature. When we observe them they act like points. When they are not being observed they act like waves. It is our observation that alters their reality. This is key. Our observation creates reality. If a tree falls in a forest and no living thing is around it makes no sound. All the falling tree does is to push air molecules in front of it. Life is necessary for sound, vision etc.

Quantum Mechanics is an incredibly accurate theory and has led to amazing breakthroughs. Lasers, computers, smartphones, mri machines and so many other things owe their existence to QM. The problem is no one truly understands QM. Research into it not only proved the dual nature of all particles, but has shown us that particles can somehow communicate with each other over distances as wide as the galaxy and in a timeless fashion. Time an space appear to be creations of the human mind. Consider this, photons (particles of light) that were created in the big bang travel at light speed. At light speed time stops, and distance too is altered. Since time and space can be altered they must not be fundamental to reality. To blow your mind even further, experiments have now proven that photons can go into the past to alter behavior. As I said no one truly understands QM but it has shattered reality as we thought we knew it. Time truly is a construct of the human mind. We understand birth and death, but most things in the universe are infinite.

Just as interacting laser beams create a hologram many theoretical physicists now believe that our universe is created from interacting energy fields. These interacting energy fields create a hologram as well. There are biologists today who believe that interacting energy fields within the human body also create a human hologram. Hard stuff to swallow for sure, but it goes further. Did you know that the body is created from atoms. Every atom is more than 99.99% open space. Picture a fly sitting on the 50 yard line of a football stadium. The remainder is a tiny drop of energy . Due to electromagnetic bonding and the density of atoms we appear solid. Consider this carefully. Man is created from energy. The Bible tells us that man was created in the image of God. The Buddhists and Hindu’s have said it for years. God is conscious energy and conscious energy is eternal and omnipresent.  “The Bible further declares: The Kingdom of God is Within You.” Let us listen and understand.

The study of physics led me directly to consciousness research and this to studies of the paranormal. What I found floored me. Starting in the 1970′s the United States military trained enlisted men to use their minds to see what was going on inside buildings within the Soviet Union. Look up Remote Viewing on your computer and you will find literally one million web sites devoted to it. Further, renowned mediums have been studied at major universities using strict scientific safe guards. The findings were amazing. Two groups of mice have a one inch incision made in their backs. People pray for the healing of one group. The other is a control. The prayed for mice heal faster.  People focus their minds on a random number generator and are able to alter the random line by one to two percent. The closer the people are (married) the greater the change.  One or two percent may not seem like a lot but remember we are talking about altering an inanimate object. I could go on and on, but enough for now.

My goal is developing this blog is to start an interactive forum. Science, and this includes what was once considered the paranormal, is growing at an exponential rate and it is impossible for any one person to stay on top of all the findings. Personally I believe that Biology will be the focus of the 21st century. Did you ever consider how a baby forms perfectly from a sperm and egg cell? My hope is that the blog will allow people to share information as well as for those who just wish to read, question and learn more.

The world we thought we knew is no more. According to Nobel Prize winning physicist Ed. Witten, and others, the only fundamental thing in the universe is information. Think of a DVD. Data is stored magnetically on a disk which can be be played. The theory is that information is stored within the energy fields of the universe, and some people, like Edgar Cayce, can tune in. Actually just as some people are better ball players than others, some people are more intuitive. We all appear to have the ability to differing degrees. For millenia people from around the globe have had visions, have spoken to spirits, and have seen miracles. It is no longer possible to just write these things off. If all is conscious energy anything is possible.

Research has opened my mind to a whole new world. Come with me on a journey that I guarantee will do the same for you.

I am including a brief bibliography to get you started in understanding the new physics and the new world. I realize that many people feel intimidated by the more scientific writings (me too). therefore I have chosen books that are much easier to read and more clearly show the relationship between science and spirituality.

Laszlo, Ervin. Science and the Akashic Field

Lanza, Robert. Biocentrism

Radin, Dean. The Conscious Universe

Sheldrake, Rupert. Morphic Resonance

Morse, Melvin. Where God Lives

For those who would like books that offer more of a scientific discussion of the new physics:

Bohm, David. Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Rosenblum, Bruce and Kuttner, Fred. Quantum Enigma

Peat, David F. The Philosopher’s Stone

Greenstein, George. The Symbiotic Universe

Goswami, Amit. The Self-Aware Universe

Kelly, Robin. The Human Hologram

In The Beginning

This is the second page of the blog. While the Introduction gave an overview I will now begin to show how we have come to arrive at this new scientific paradigm.

In order to understand the new paradigm one must have an understanding of how it slowly came about. Science, throughout history, appears to go through periods of stagnation where we think we know everything, and then all of a sudden a quantum jump in thinking, and we start investigating anew.

Have you ever thought of what the first men to look up at the stars were thinking? I can envision them sitting around a campfire, once fire was discovered, and asking each other what they thought those lights in the sky were? Who put them there? Do we go there when we die?  Archaelogists have found  that the neanderthals appear to have ritually buried their dead. These ancient ancestors were concerned with what happens once a person dies. As an aside, there is a religion today that teaches once we die, and are found worthy, we will get a planet of our own to populate. Maybe my hypothetical neanderthals were on to something or maybe not

Let’s shoot ahead thousands of years. The Egyptians developed an extremely detailed account of what will happen when we die and along with it numerous gods to help control what we can’t control. Interestingly diverse cultures throughout the world developed similar lines of thinking. Carl Jung developed his theory of universal archetypes on such findings. Obviously life after death was a universal concern and preoccupation. For thousands of years man focused on religion as a way of understanding the world. Natural occurences such as eclipses and comets were seen as signs from a god.

And then the world began to change. While no one person can be held solely responsible Copernicus was a major player. In his time the Catholic Church was all powerful. They had developed a dogma to explain all of creation and God’s will. Unfortunately, as with any bureaucracy power tends to corrupt, and corrupt it did. The inquisition was brutal. Anyone daring to question church teachings was subject to death. Now Copernicus certainly was no fool. He had seen a fellow scientist (Bruno) burned at the stake for speaking out publicly about Copernician theories. Galilio, who fortunately had powerful friends, was placed under house arrest for the same. Copernicus waited until he was near death to expound his theory of a sun centered solar system.

By the seventeenth century philosophers and scientists such as Bacon, Hobbes, Descartes, Newton and others had begun the change of worldview. Instead of a focus on religion they saw the world from a materialistic viewpoint. The world and everything in it was created from atoms, and followed mechanistic laws. The universe was like a giant watch and God the watchmaker. If you knew where a particle was and it’s velocity you could predict exactly where it would be at any time in the future. Since conciousness could not be tested directly it was pushed to the side.

Now mechanisitc science, for three hundred years, has led to incredible gains for the standard of living of mankind. It was responsible for the development of: electricity, railroads, airplanes, telephones etc. And yet, for all it’s inventions, it has never proven able to answer the question that my hypothetical neanderthals first asked. How did the universe get here and what happens when we die?

Mechanisitc science was rolling along until one day in 1803, a doctor named Thomas Young performed an experiment. At the time it was thought that light consisted of particles just as the body of atoms. Young smoked a window only allowing a pinpoint of light to enter. Directly behind the pinpoint he placed a card to split the light beam into two. Behind this he placed a collecting plate to record where the light beams hit.

Now Young fully expected to find two solid points of light on the collecting plate. Apparently he left the room for lunch and when he came back the world was shaken. Young found not points but waves. The incoming light beams revealed a pattern of light and dark bands suggesting that the beams interferred with each other. Picture two speed boats riding parallel to each other. The waves that conincide form peaks (dark bands). The waves that do not coincide form valleys (light bands). Young had changed the world of science. Beams of light were not points but waves. We now know that light will behave as a point particle when we observe where it lands, and as a wave when we covertly observe it. As a matter of fact every particle found in particle accelerators or cosmic rays evidences this quality. What makes the difference – our observation.

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Moving On With Science

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By the early 1800’s science was on the move. Watt had developed an improved version of the steam engine in 1793 that ushered in the industrial revolution. Fulton designed the steamboat. Stephenson invents the steam locomotive. Goods got to market sooner and people become more mobile. Whitney developed the cotton gin which made manufacturing more economical. Assembly lines, sewing machines, improved transportation etc. increased productivity and began to make society more materialistic.

By the mid 1800’s Tyndall demonstrated the principle of fiber optics. Bell showed that voice could be transmitted on a beam of light. Faraday, a genius, but with little formal education, established the basis for the concept of an electromagnetic field in physics. Maxwell took Faraday’s work further and summarized it in a set of equations that is the basis of all modern theories of electromagnetic phenomena. The concept of energy fields has now been expanded to believe that all particles have their own energy fields. Space, therefore, consists of interacting energy fields. Interacting energy fields create a hologram.

Scientific work was improving our lives dramatically. Edison and Tesla battled over direct current versus alternating current. Tesla won the war, but Edison took home the gravy. Telephones, television, movies all owe their existence to these early scientists. Thinking through this as I write I can now understand the present generation gap.

The world also became safer. My favorite person, Ignaz Semmelweiss, and Hungarian medical doctor, noticed that when interns delivered babies there was a much higher mortality rate than when midwives delivered babies. He did some detective work and found that the interns began their day working on cadavers. He postulated that something he called germs were responsible. Semmelweiss demanded the interns wash their hands thoroughly before delivering babies. The medical community fought him because germs could not be seen. Ignaz stuck to his guns, and voila not so many deaths. I offer this story to make a point. It is always a difficult struggle attempting to change a prevailing paradigm in thinking. We are having this today with the new scientific paradigm. The reductionistic and materialistic paradigm of the last three hundred years is so deeply ingrained in society.

Getting back to science, by the end of the 1800’s the technology had developed so that people like Curie, Thompson, Planck and Bohr could begin investigating aspects of the atom itself. Atoms had been postulated by the Greeks 2,000 years ago but we never before had the technology to actually see them. Technology was still minimal for the task but the experiments devised were brilliant. They were both physical and mental experiments. Einstein was a master at the latter. At the beginning of the 20th century Einstein took a big pot. He threw in Maxwell’s equations. Next to be put in was the non-linear geometry of Riemann. Finally, Einstein seasoned the pot with some of his own thought experiments. He earned a spot of the Food Network with his “Theories of Relativity.” Einstein found that the one constant thing in the universe was the speed of light. All else is relative. Time actually stops at the speed of light, and distance shrinks as well. Gravity, Einstein interpreted as the warping of space by large objects such as suns and black holes. The world had changed and was about to get much stranger yet.  Along comes Danish physicist Neils Bohr. Bohr gained fame for his studies of the structure of the atom. I personally believe his greatest accomplishment was building the Copenhagen School of physics. Bohr brought together the youngest and brightest physicists of his day to work on this new idea of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the study of the parts of the atom and all particles found in nature. People like Heisenberg, Schroedinger, Pauli and many others would change the world dramatically.

At this point in time they now had the technological equipment, though modest by today’s standards, to visualize particles as they moved through cloud chambers and eventually particle accelerators. What they found was mind blowing. While I have no intention of going into depth concerning quantum mechanics, they found that all particles of nature obey none of the laws of classical physics. All particles exist as waves until they are observed. Once they are aware of being observed they change their reality to become particles.  Bohr’s Copenhagen School called this the Complimentarity Principle. All particles evidence this dual nature. They can be waves in a natural state and then particles when observed.To date well over 100 particles have been found on earth and in cosmic rays. Heisenberg proved that it is impossible to know both the velocity and position of a particle at the same time. This became known as the Uncertainty Principle. Schroedinger gave us the mathematical formulas for determining the probability of the wave function of a particle. What this means is that all particles exist only as probabilities until they are observed. To show how bright these people were Pauli hypothesized the anti-electron before it was ever discovered. I mention Wolfgang Pauli for a reason. He was undoubtedly one of the very brightest scientists of his day. Pauli began working with psychologist, Carl Jung. Jung, after extensive travel and research into different cultures, had developed the theory of Universal Archetypes. Pauli agreed with him that there was some sort of universal informational field that all of us share in. Consciousness could  not be ruled out of science as we had done for three centuries.

Today we know that space consists of a constant sea of virtual particles. These virtual particles come into existence for maybe a millionth of a second. They also account for what has been called dark energy. Dark energy makes up most of the matter in the universe, and is responsible for the universe expanding. In actuality we are able to view only four percent of the matter in the universe. The remainder does not radiate energy that we can see. Dark Matter and Dark energy make up ninety six percent of the universe. Someday we will figure it out.

Most exciting is the recent reasearch involving “entanglement.” The very first experiment I am aware of involving entanglement went like this: Two photons were created in an experiment. They were captured in a magnetic container. One container remained in New York. The other was brought to Japan. A magnet altered the axis of the photon in New York. Immediately the axis changed for the photon in Japan. Research has now shown that particles, any particles, are capable of communicating at least 28 million times the speed of light and that is only because that was as fast as they could measure. In all probability communication among particles is immediate no matter how far apart they may be. This is called non-local communication which is communicating outside of time and space. A number of neuroscientists today believe that the brain functions on two levels. Locally through neurotransmitters and non-locally through quantum mechanical interactions with the universal field.This will become most important when we discuss consciousness and paranormal research. Just as a DVD stores information in digital form which can later “come to life on screen.” The informational field of the universe is thought to play the same role.

One final thought before ending this section. Many people believe that Einstein and other scientists do not believe in God. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Einstein denied the reality of quantum mechanics for decades because he felt “God would not play dice with the universe.” Most of our famous scientists throughout history, were devote believers in a creator. Their problem was with organized religions.

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In the introduction I mentioned “have you ever thought how a sperm and egg cell can, after nine months gestation, form a complete human being.” We take so much for granted. These egg cells don’t contain eyes and ears, and yet eyes and ears and a multitude of incredibly complex organs develop from them. The same can be said for trees and plants. When the lens of a Newt’s eye is surgically removed a new lens forms from the skin on the edge of the iris. Many animals can regenerate whole body parts. We have a slight ability to do this. Take a splicing of a tree or plant and a whole new one can grow. How does this happen.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake has an idea of how development of all living things as well as inanimate things comes about. Sheldrake believes that there exists in the universe informational fields that guide the development of everything. Once something is first created , such as a new crystal, an informational field is established and the field guides the development of all future members of the class created. Science offers some support for his theories.

Approximately 300,000 years after the big bang the temperature in the universe had cooled enough so that protons, which existed by then, could trap an electron into orbit around them. The first atoms and the vast majority of the early universe was therefore the simplest atom of all. Hydrogen contains one proton and one electron. It accounts for approximately 96% of all matter in the early universe, Helium, which consists of two protons, two electrons and may have a neutron or two, is most of the remainder. Now no life could form from just these elements. Carbon is needed, but carbon is difficult to create. What happened is that gravity pulled together huge clouds of hydrogen gas. As the gas clouds became denser and denser eventually they became so hot that ignition occured. The first suns were born.  The center of suns is very, very hot.  Now suns create energy by nuclear fusion. Suns combine two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom. In the process energy is released. All heavier elements such as oxygen, nitrogen etc. are the result of further atom combining in the latter stages of the suns life. Carbon was a very special case. In order for carbon to form beryllium (element #4) has to absorb a nucleus of Helium (element #2). Sound simple. It’s not. The problems is that beryllium has a mean life of 10 to the minus 16 seconds. That is decimal point followed by sixteen zeros and a 1. The odds of this are astronomical. (Actually three dozen other astronomical such findings are necessary for human life to have developed on Earth).  How did it happen? The solution was found by astronomer Edwin Hubbell. He found that the energies of both atoms resonate at the same frequency . Think of tuning forks. Strike one and the other resonates at the same frequency. This is called sympathetic vibration. Sheldrake appears to use the concept of resonance among morphic fields to help explain the development of all living things as well as inanimate things such as crystals.

As an aside Sheldrake’s theories seem to have been based on what has been loosely called the “100th” monkey effect. Scientists from Japan in 1952 were examining the behavior of Macaque monkeys on atolls. Apparently one monkey took sweet potatoes dropped by plane to the ocean and cleaned off the sand before eating it. Sand doesn’t taste that good. Eventually other monkeys observed this and began doing the same thing. Once a certain number of monkeys had learned the new behavior monkeys on other atolls all began cleaning off the sand as well. In his book “Morphic Resonance” Sheldrake relates studies which show that rats which learn a new behavior in one country will lead to rats in another country learning the same behavior much more quickly. Britian is actually researching his theories on television. Research continues to be done but with mixed results.

Before leaving this section I must add one very interesting study. This study made me truly appreciate the majesty of all living things.

Termites in Africa and Australia build huge termite mounds. What is so special is the complexity of the engineering involved. The mounds are built to maintain a stable internal temperature and are also like lungs in that they allow the mound to breathe. Now mainstream scientists have long held the belief that the queen communicates by chemical scents to the worker termites. An experiment by South African naturalist Eugene Marais questioned this belief. Marais divided the mound with a steel plate. The queen was on one side of the mound. He then damaged both sides equally. Termites repaired both sides equally. This suggested to Marais that the queen was able to communicate through the plate telepathically. This has been called by many a “hive mind.”  Next Marais had the queen killed. Once this happened the termites wandered around aimlessly. Marais speculated that there is an organizing field which is intimately linked to the queen termite.

As interesting as this study was I searched the literature and could not find any replications. Mainstream science is very, very slow to change strongly held paradigms.

The times they are a changing. I will now dedicate the remainer of the blog to investigating what previously had been called “paranormal” behaviors. By the end of the blog many of you will agree with me that there is nothing “para” about these behaviors.

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Remote Viewing

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One day while perusing the local library I came across a book by Paul Smith. The title read ” Reading the Enemy’s Mind.” I glanced through several pages and was amazed. Paul Smith was an army intelligence officer and was trained, along with fellow army personnel, and some consultants, to use their minds to see what was going on inside locations both near and far. Distance did not matter at all. Now my whole life I had been trained to believe that such a thing was impossible and all psychic stuff a fraud, but I took the book home and it opened up a whole new world for me to explore.

This is so incredible  that I need to provide some background. According to Smith in 1972 physicist Hal Puthoff invited artist and psychic Ingo Swann to Stanford University. Stanford Research Int. or SRI was an institute designed to pursue cutting edge research. Following some initial studies Puthoff took Swann to the Varian Physics Building. There they were met by members of the physics faculty as well as by many graduate students. Puthoff had designed a fail proof experiment of psychic abilities. The building contained, several feet under the ground and heavily shielded, the Stanford Linear Accelerator. This is a particle accelerator which attempted to identify quarks or the elementary particles that in threes combine to make protons and neutrons . A slow rhythmically moving needle traced the functioning of the particle accelerator. Puthoff asked Swann to try and make the needle move faster. The needle suddenly sped up. The physicists and graduate students thought something must have gone wrong with the apparatus. Swann was next asked to make the needle slow down. He focused for several seconds and the needle slowed down. When asked how he did this Swann replied ” I was perusing the accelerator in my mind and when I came across a gold alloy plate the needle reacted.” A paper was published regarding this experiment.  At this point Russell Targ, a physicist who had long been involved in psychic research as a sideline, joined their small group. A few weeks later two men in dark suits showed up and asked Puthoff if he had written the paper. The CIA was interested. It appears that the USSR had been pouring millions of dollars into what they termed psychoenergetic research. The CIA had become concerned. They sent their own investigators to test Ingo and were impressed with his psychic ability to identify objects in closed boxes. The CIA thus funded a research project to be led by Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ and Ingo Swann. The upshot of the training program they designed is that “there is nothing at all psychic about remote viewing .” Puthoff, Targ and Swann believe that we all have this ability to some degree  but it has become mostly dormant in Western Civilization.

This brings me back to Physiological Psychology class. There we learned that brain cells are neuroplastic and competitive. What this means is that when we learn something new new connections form among neurons. Second, when you stop performing a learned behavior (times tables) the connections atrophy and the neurons become attached to another behavior. Psychic leg pain is the perfect example of this. Amputees often complain of feeling pain in their missing leg. It was noticed that this often occurs when the face is tickled or ortherwise effected. Looking on a brain map we find that the area excited by sensations from the leg is adjacent to the area excited by sensations from the face. When the neurons receiving input from the leg no longer do those neurons are taken over by the adjacent face neurons. A further example gives direct evidence for the remote viewing training program developed. When the brains of accountants and musicians are looked at on brain scans what is is found is that there is a density of neurons on the left side of the brain for accountants and a density on the right side for the musicians.

The training program Smith and his colleagues were put through was focused on developing skills associated with the right side of the brain. For two years they were put through intensive sensitivity training. The results were phenomenal. Given simply a set of coordinates (not necessarily true coordinates) remote viewers were able to identify details going on inside buildings in other countries. Check out remote viewing on the web and you will find a multitude of websites and training programs devoted to it. The program was officially declassified in 1995.

I was hooked. Reading this book, and books by others in the initial “Stargate training program” started me on a whirlwind tour of research into traditional psychic phenomena as well as non-traditional psychic phenomena. I had never realized how greatly we have been influenced by the materialistic and reductionistic paradigm of classical physics and how much we have automatically denied. Thankfully this is beginning to change.

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