Fuure of the blog

Now that my first book “Finding God: One Psychologists Journey” has been published I plan on dedicating the blog to discuss and answer questions related to the 4 main messages I have made in the book.

  1. How the new scientific paradigm  and paranormal research supports our having a creator, prayer helping, and consciousness surviving death.
  2. How to treat individuals suffering emotional problems that are secondary to totally disabling injuries and a severely disrupted life.
  3. Encouraging people to present inspirational message of hope and never giving in to adversity. We can all benefit from these messages.
  4. The problems caused by psychiatrists restricting their practices to solely prescribing medications.
  5. I am hoping to initiate discussions on some of these topics and answering questions posed on others.

“Finding God: One Psychologists Journey” has now been published

My first book is an inspirational autobiography and includes much additional research into   the paranormal as well as a prayer for the future of all mankind. The book is available pretty much everywhere in both softcover and E-Book formats.

I would deeply appreciate anyone who feels to do so to write a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s  websites. The world is changing drastically and it is needed more than ever to stress our oneness, and to spread the word.

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I have started the publication process for my book, due out in July, “Finding God: One Psychologists Journey.” I E-Mailed the top author in the field of the new paradigm of science and its implications for spirituality and healthcare. Larry Dossey M.D. not only reviewed the manuscript, but wrote me an awesome endorsement. A past president of the American Psychological Association did as well. Never hurts to ask.



When I began this blog I did so for people to learn that the new paradigm of physics in quantum mechanics alters everything we thought we knew about reality itself. Further, research supports: the paranormal can no longer be so easily doubted; prayer does help healing; consciousness survives death; random evolution could not have created mankind etc.

My hope was that those interested would participate by contributing research that I was unaware of and we could discuss. Also, in my last few years of clinical practice I became aware of how many people reported some type of paranormal experience, and I was hoping to encourage others to offer their experience.Obviously I need to change the format of blogging to bring this about. Over the next few months I will work on just that. Stick with me.


Lately, I have read research showing that people who attend church or temple on a fairly regular basis live approximately two years longer than those who do not attend. In addition, they are healthier and less in need of medications.  There are those who push this off to the greater social network of religious attendees.

Now this could be the case if it could be proven that those who attend church or temple have more social contacts than those who do not attend, but that research is lacking. Non-attenders may actually belong to more fraternal organizations or charities etc.

I love how there are always people out there who try to bring doubt onto religion and the sense of hope and peace that comes from it.

4-19 update

This month I have been busy arranging the publication of my book. “Finding God: One Psychologists Journey.” Publishing was entirely a new enterprise for me, but I am learning and by late July I hope to have the book in Amazon etc. and stores.

The book will follow my journey through multiple crises to becoming  psychologist, father and now a new believer. Following a stroke I had 8 years ago I threw myself into studying quantum physics and cosmology as a way of healing my brain and overcoming symptoms. Never did I think that the new learning would alter my life the way it has. I thoroughly believe that the new paradigm of science and all the new research into the paranormal that results from it supports: Random evolution not leading to mankind; Prayer is helpful In healing; consciousness survives death, and we do have a creator/designer.

I don’t expect to make much money with the book. Hopefully enough to cover my costs and advertising. My goal is to get the message out.


my prayer for the future


I began writing this blog to educate people on how the new paradigm of science supports spirituality. Recent events worldwide have led me to up my game so to speak. We desperately need a revival of spirituality, religion and basic morals if we are going to put an end to the horror going on before our eyes. Not only the psychotic behavior of Islamic Fundamentalists, but the human trafficking, rampant drug abuse, disgusting child pornography etc. Now that I almost  fully retired I have the time. I recently finished my first manuscript “Finding God: One Psychologists Journey” The book is an inspirational autobiography and includes detailed scientific research showing that: random evolution could not possibly have created mankind; prayer does help healing, and  consciousness survives death. Finally the Bible was correct about  things scientists were sure were wrong. I hope to have the book published and available on Amazon etc. by July 2016. Stay tuned.



While posting yesterday I noticed that my original educational blog can no longer be seen in full unless you go to the very end of comments and click on other posts.

I want people to have the information they need to convince skeptics and especially those holding on to the outdated paradigm of physics to see the light. The new paradigm of physics in quantum mechanics supports spirituality.

I will start with prayer. It is true that studies of the healing powers of prayer on patients suffering illnesses are mixed. Is this surprising NO. If you divide two groups of patients into those being prayed for and those not prayed for how can you know that the family, friends and acquaintances of the not prayed for group are not doing so.

To overcome this Grad and his colleagues studied the power of prayer on mice and seeds. In one study a one inch incision was made into the backs of mice. One group was prayed for and one received no prayer. The prayed for group healed significantly faster than the not prayed for group. With the exception of Micky and Minnie there were no friends and family praying.

Next Grad had a group of healthy individuals and seriously depressed individuals hold a flask of water that would be used to feed seeds. While they held the flasks they focused on the seeds growing. Results found that the flasks held by the healthy individuals led to the seeds growing into plants much faster. This I have always believed in. I enjoying getting my hands dirty in my garden.

Prayer does help





3-16 Update

The more I have been  writing and speaking with knowledgable individuals in this field the more certain I am that we have become much too materialistic and hedonistic as a country. We need desperately to get back to a more spiritual focus. No one can explain how we got here without a creator. No one can understand how elementary particles can be in multiple places at the same time, or communicate non-locally or without coming into contact. I could go on and on. We badly need a spiritual revival here and throughout the western world  especially and we need it now. I will keep writing and hope others will as well. This life is a gift but it is not meant to be forever. Only the fool puts all of his or her eggs in such a basket. There is enough scientific research available now to convince anyone that we have  creator and there is purpose to this life.

February 2016 Update

This month I would like to discuss the research into presentiments and premonitions. What is presentiment? Presentiment has been studied as a nervous system reaction to an impending event. A premonition is just the thought that something will occur. I began to explore this area after reading an article stating that the number of people who flew in the four airplanes hijacked on 9-11 was far fewer than would have been expected on that day. Was it some sort of sensation of warning?

In his book “The Power of Premonitions” Larry Dossey M.D. discusses the fact that warning premonitions have been reported throughout the ages. He provides multiple examples in his book. One such example is a mother who puts her young child asleep in its room, and then goes to bed in her room. Later that night she is awakened by the “feeling” that the chandelier in the child’s room is falling on her child. She had not seen anything wrong with the chandelier earlier. The “feeling” is so strong that she takes the child into her bed. Later that night the chandelier does fall . Dossey’s book is full of such premonitions.

Studies of presentiment are found in Dean Radin’s book “The Unconscious Universe.” One study revolved around subjects being shown pictures of “calm” and “emotional” pictures while wired up to record physiological arousal. What was found was that a few seconds before the picture (randomly presented) was shown there was an increase in physiological arousal. There was found much greater arousal when the emotionally charged photo was to be shown then the calm photo. The experiment was replicated several times and  in multiple country’s. The findings were confirmed. How did the subjects nervous system Know? Presentiment is an ongoing area of research at the Institute of Noetic Science.

These finding intrigued me. I thought back to the educational part of this blog. Scientists and philosophers appear to agree that the arrow of time could point in either direction. What they seem to be saying is that the past, present and future are one, and our differentiating them is but an illusion. If this is the case then people like Edgar Cayce pulling information from the Akashic Record could explain the findings from research into presentiments and the numerous subjective reports of premonitions that come true and even save lives.

I always go back to the fact that if we do not truly understand what energy is then who are we to truly doubt possibilities.